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Principles & Values - Alam Santi - 3


Alam Santi was established by local and international sustainable community development specialists who spent decades working in the humanitarian sector prior to founding Alam Santi.

We believe that many of the challenges facing our world can be addressed by facilitating and scaling impact projects to create new social, economic and environmental value.  

We believe that there are challenges in our world that are worth solving - such as meaningful livelihoods, food and water security, gender inclusion, climate adaptation and access to clean energy for all. From facilitating economic empowerment in threatened forest areas, sustainably minded and community-driven disaster recovery programs for many thousands of people to regional scale public education and behavioural change programs, we have had incredible experiences and much learning about resilience over the years.


Our team always appreciates opportunities to work with our clients to ensure that strategic, effective measures are being implemented for regenerative solutions at the wider community level for people of all walks of life. If you are looking to take your impact projects to the next level, the Alam Santi team looks forward to working with you

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