COVID19 Safe Construction Principles

Coronavirus has created a new era for the world. Everyone has undergone changes to their normal routine. Alam Santi’s team is well versed in Emergency Response and have an array of strategies to support you and your constriction teams during these unprecedented times.

Combining our teams years of experience in eco development, community capacity building and training with our COVID-19 response know how we have developed a guideline and training program to help project under construction increase their safety in these unprecedented times.

On-Site Facilities

  • First you will need to prepare site hand washing stations. These stations should be located at your security/entrance and any other area which will border into others. Ensure there is abundant soap at all stations at all times.

  • Compost cages should be on site to ensure food waste can be separated from regular trash, reducing contamination and as an added bonus, create rich compost to be used for your gardens.

  • Ensuring your team has sufficient face masks and understand protocols for their use on site.

  • Wastewater should change from standard pit latrines to safer BioFils tanks, in order to properly handle waste without the risk of cross-contamination. Greywater can also be processed in BioFil tanks.

  • Worker kitchens should be outfitted individual utensils labelled with each person’s name. Set up in such a way that everyone can wash their own dishes.

Ground Rules

  • Check your team’s temperature everyday before starting work

  • Prepare masks to give to anyone moving in or out of site at security areas

  • Masks should be worn for 14 days upon first arriving on site and 3 pieces should be allocated to each worker to ensure they are able to change frequently to avoid contamination.

Raise On-Site Awareness

With Covid-19 the importance of reminding your workers of safety procedures is more important than ever. An effective way to achieve this is to post billboards and posters on key points of your site. These billboards demonstrate your company’s ethicality and care for people on site, which is positive for your public relations

Some important messages to post will be Covid-19 prevention billboards:

  • Maintain safe distances (jaga jarak)

  • Face mask use protocols

  • How to properly wash your hands

  • Other Covid prevention site rules

  • Posters can be placed in strategic areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and sleeping quarters.

  • Protocol For Sick Workers

If anyone has a fever or cough, they must be separated from the group’s sleeping quarters, creating a separate area for isolation. The site manager should contact Local SATGAS COVID immediately. Keep their number on speed dial.

Need A More In Depth Training For Your Site?

Alam Santi is ready to prepare your team to continue development during this time. You may have a large site which needs special procedure or want to learn where to source some of the materials we have discussed above. No need to worry, just click here to get in contact with us.

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