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Alam Santi's ability to offer its client such a unique and holistic and professional offering for impact projects is made possible through our strategic partnerships with select leaders in sustainable development and impact project solutions.


Alam Santi collaborates with some of the region's best recognized organizations in impact services and eco-development.


Kopernik is an Indonesian-based organization focusing on research and development to find what works by experimenting with potential solutions that address social and environmental challenges. Kopernik engages partners from the development, public and private sectors to advance products, services and approaches that support underserved communities, as well as creative actors in advocating social-environmental issues.

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AgUnity is a global technology platform that empowers the thousands of organizations working to address UN SDGs with a cost-effective means for connecting with and supporting remote people in a truly meaningful way.

AgUnity is powered by Axsari: the world’s only smartphone OS that is specifically designed for the 1 billion people that, to date, have been left behind by technological advances and services.


Seven Stones Indonesia is a professional team of real estate agents and legal advisors, who's vision is founded on the principle that by doing things right you will do well. The Seven Stones team follows ethical business practices, pays attention to detail, and ensures Alam Santi client’s ventures are well positioned and protected based on sound legal advice and support services.

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LMATS Consulting is one of the region's most well respected tax consultant firms, that has served hundreds of clients since its establishment in 2003. LMATS provides taxation and accounting services that ensures Alam Santi clients have clear accounting roadmaps for profitability, which are soundly based on local regulations.


Samma Studio is a talented architecture and interior design studio based in Bali specializing in contemporary tropical design spanning residential, commercial and creative hospitality spaces. As well as creative design, the team provides project management services that ensure projects meet timeline targets cost efficiently.

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Sundaya is an industry leader in the clean, independent energy sector. Established in 1993, they aim to mainstream solar energy in Indonesia. Sundaya has engineered, developed and manufactured some of the worlds most unique plug and play solar energy kits, which are used internationally.



Smart Energy provides a holistic Smart Technology approach to improving its client’s buildings. The Smart Energy team are experts in the key energy systems of buildings in the tropics, namely Solar Power and Battery Systems, Air conditioning, Ventilation, Dehumidification and Hot Water generation (H-V-AC), which typically entail 70% and more of a building’s energy consumption.

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Indonesia’s first manufacturer to harness sophisticated international technology and produce superior grade strand woven bamboo ‘wood’. Bambulogy® structures are the ultimate eco construction solution, replacing structural members conventionally made from tree wood, concrete or steel with extremely strong engineered strand-woven bamboo wood. These structures provide elegant, cost effective and practical and durable building options for your site, and integrate beautifully with tent accommodation.


Alam Living is Alam Santi’s construction, product and supplies arm, which researches, sources and develops eco-friendly material solutions for Alam Santi client projects.  Alam Living believes that truly green development can carry the principles of environmental and social impact right through to outfitting and interior furnishing choices. Alam Living provides practical implementation and product solutions for fully integrated eco projects.

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Founded in 1997, L’Ambiance has more than 40,000 sqm of production facilities and a highly experienced team dedicated to ensuring the highest level of attention for furniture production and finishing. L’Ambiance Living has exported its products to over 30 countries worldwide, and is providing quality employment for more than 500 craftspeople and fine furniture workers.


Escape Nomade is Indonesia's premier tented villa designer, manufacturer, and consultancy firm. Escape Nomade provides solutions for Resorts, Restaurants & Bars, Event Venues, Spas, Villas & Residences and easy additions to instantly increase the capabilities of an existing hotel or commercial area. Escape Nomade is more than just tents. It is a life lived to the fullest, inspired by nature, where creativity and potential have no limits. It is Living Without Walls.

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Exclusive Tents stunning and eco-friendly tent designs set the standard for alternative accommodation worldwide. From remote African safari to the five star ultra luxury island resorts, Exclusive Tents is leading the way to a new era of sustainable green living. Exclusive Tent team's passion is providing structures that have a low impact on the environment, and in doing so, Exclusive Tents have opened the door for many projects worldwide looking to develop in such a manner that they enhance, not impact the natural surroundings.


GlamXperience began designing and manufacturing high quality Luxury Glamping Tents in 2009 in the Netherlands, and took Europe by storm. In 2015 GlamXperience Pty Ltd. was established in Australia and then in 2016 GlamXperience established an exclusive distribution partnership with Alam Santi to deliver their time-tested, high quality glamping tent range to Indonesia.



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