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We are committed to regenerative results employing principles of sustainability, creativity and empowerment


As thinkers and doers, Alam Santi is committed to creating value for our clients, our partners,  and our communities. All that we do is based on consideration for Care for the People, Care for the Planet, Care for the Future.

We focus on delivering practical and regenerative results, and equipping our clients to grow their capacity as leaders in sustainability solutions. Our success is based on delivering accountable and impactful results for our client’ projects and the communities they are investing in. On a global level, we are committed to the achievement of the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

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At Alam Santi we define capital as the value of human, social, and environmental resources. In all of the projects we engage in we aim to see this capital applied as wisely as possible.

We also understand that strategies that are effective in one region, climate or cultural context may not be relevant or successful in others. Our network of expertise is diversified and draws from experiences in Indonesia and beyond. 


The complex problems we help solve demand creativity and thinking out of the box to deliver innovative solutions. Our team's creativity spans stunning media design through to innovative eco-engineering.

We also also deploy creativity in considering potential scenarios - we help you envision and map what the accelerators for success will most likely be for your project. 

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At the root of all of the work that we do is the belief that an empowered, educated and properly supported society is the key to addressing the challenges that our world faces today.

We have learned so much over the years from local communities, indigenous wisdoms and cultures. By combining these understandings with modern engineering and communications technologies we share the knowledge far and wide.


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