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meet the team

Alam Santi is led by passionate experts with more than 60 years of combined experience in social entrepreneurship, eco-developments, business planning, training and empowerment in the region.

Alam Santi was founded by a Balinese community development specialist Gede Sugiartha, and Petra Schneider, who is a Canadian born sustainability expert that became an Indonesian citizen decades ago. Our eclectic team understands the importance of bridging local and international perspectives and we help our clients navigate what sometimes feels like enigmatic rules of the game for establishing and running smooth operations and projects within the Indonesian context.


Over the decades, the Alam Santi team has built a wide ranging network of partners spanning sustainable development and eco-tech to project and enterprise development specialists. We provide you with the connections you need to gain the most significant impact. The Alam Santi team includes experienced advisers to impact ventures, community, and eco-strategy specialist groups, and we regularly collaborate with global networks of trusted professional service firms.

senior team


Petra Schneider

Co-Founder & Senior Consultant

Petra has 25+ years of experience in sustainable development, entrepreneurialism, organisational leadership, capacity building, and strategic communications.

She has co-founded and is actively advising several social enterprises including,,,, and, while acting as the program director for Petra has delivered more than 100 high-impact campaigns, curriculums and marketing strategies for clients from the UN through to SMEs in remote regions.


Gede Sugiartha

Co-Founder & Senior Consultant

Gede has 20+ years experience in community development, media making and environmental engineering. He is an award winning documentary filmmaker and an expert in media advocacy training. Over the years Gede has built and directed several national networks and teams and has strong leadership qualities. Gede is co-founder of Alam Santi as well as its sister organization IDEP Media. He has developed an extensive range of successful community development trainings and programs for Indonesian NGOs and CBOs. He is an expert in waste water systems, especially Waste Water Gardens®. He specializes in designing innovative programs for community-driven waste management systems and ecotourism networks.


Nana Sohan

COO & Senior Consultant


With more than 10 years experience in team building and management, Business development, Managing operations, budgetary allowance and allocations as well as business liaisons, She joined Alam Santi to strengthen the team. Nana has experience working for various organisations; NGO, startup company and well developed organisation. Her main joy is working with a team to build their capacity and working with communities to implement social impact projects. In Alam Santi, Nana will oversee day to day operation and company administration as well as maintaining good teamwork.


Ade Andreawan

CPO & Senior Consultant

Ade has almost 2 decades of expertise and experience in community-centred development and disaster management. He specialises in capacity building and empowering key stakeholders in ensuring effective and sustainable solutions. Over the years, Ade has overseen and facilitated more than 100 community empowerment programs including nationwide events and consultancies for all actors from community groups through to senior government officials. Ade is a master at program oversight and facilitation and has built networks for community resilience solutions spanning across the archipelago.


Dayu Santi


Dayu has 8+ years of experience in administration & accounting in Alam Santi. She joins with Alam Santi at the end of 2011. She is an amazing organizer and ensures that projects are implementing smoothly.  Alam Santi has become a place for Dayu to learn many things besides administration & accounting. She has followed the development of Alam Santi from year to year and until now she still loves Alam Santi and she will develop more her skill in Alam Santi for better.

Jasmine BW.png

Jasmine Haskell


Jasmine has always been creative, curious and eager to learn. She started out as a production manager and then became a local producer for a Brazilian TV show where she coordinated the local artisans, talents and sources for the duration. Jasmine has also completed a 2 week PDC which has inspired her to learn and develop skills that she now applies in many of her personal and professional projects. Jasmine is well known for her involvement in the entertainment scene that she has engaged in for many years. With all of her experience and passion, she was able to produce the Banjar Campout Event that gave back to the community, while prioritising the cultural and sustainability aspect of the event.

core team



Doni is one of our researchers and project strategists who is super passionate about climate adaptation and how our client’s projects can help



Shirley is a (writer) who develop her skills from the basic. She never stops growing herself, injecting positive energies from the road she loves while traveling.



Toby is our SEO specialist. Toby is a passionate about seeing how we can deliver the strongest impact for your campaign, brand or project.



Bobby is one of our our talented community outreach officers who helps our team deliver innovative, sustainable and culturally sensitive solutions for our clients



Eira is our super talented communications officer and she keeps all our relationships smooth, on track and full of creativity & smiles



Benjoe is one of our super talented media designers, photographers and filmmakers and an amazing social media strategists



Putri is our researcher and admin officer, she can source anything! And she ensures our projects are being resourced as effectively as possible



Oka is our talented drafter who is a trained architect that is passionate about eco-development and delivers solid design plans for our projects



Nyoman is one of our eco-tech specialist trainers and an awesome capacity builder, he is passionate about all things eco

Dewi BW.jpg


Dewi is one of our outreach specialists, who brings life to every project she works on. Her ability to bridge local and international perspectives is amazing



Rama is one of our outreach officers who is deeply passionate about bridging cultural perspectives across varied project stakeholders

Ketut Oka.png

Ketut Oka

Ketut has been our finance manager for over 20 years! She is a whizz at all things accountability and ensures budgets are always on track


Santi S.

Santi is a filmmaker & photographer extraordinaire who brings project stories to life with an incomparable artistic and storytelling flair



Bimo is our content production coordinator who is deeply passionate about the art of communication as he started his career as a Radio Personality.



Gusten is our development project manager who delivers amazing results on community sensitive eco-tech and sustainability solutions



Anom is an incredibly creative visual artist that helps us turn our education and outreach tools into dynamic, informative, and accessible materials

partner consultans


Olivier Gaucher

Water System Specialist

Olivier has been involved in designing and implementing sustainable water and sanitation systems for over 20 years. Both in Africa and in Asia, he has worked with multiple NGOs and other international organisations to develop community managed water systems with sustainability as the key driver. Sustainability by promoting environmentally responsible designs, from rainwater catchment solution to solar powered pump or gravity systems. Sustainability by giving trainings to enable users to operate and maintain their water systems in order to foster the stewardship of a very precious resource.


Melissa Loh

Startup & SME Consultant & Cryptocurrency Advocate

After obtaining a degree from USC's top-rated business and entrepreneurship program, Melissa accumulated more than a decade of international, hands-on experience in leading edge entrepreneurship, social enterprise development and SME consulting. She is a strong advocate of cryptocurrency, fintech literacy for the masses and the utilization of tech for good, and believes that business, when combined with mindful leadership, is one of the fastest vehicles for positive change in the world and technology is a core building block for the change we want to see. Mel thrives working alongside change making visionaries, designers and developers to bridge worlds and build the future.

Ng bw.png

Ng Kok Hong

Aquatic Scientist & Designer

Ng has been practicing eco-friendly waterbody management, with zero use of chemicals for 30 years. He has in-depth knowledge of the aquatic world and applies his technical expertise and artistic flair to design and manage water systems. Ng’s systems are biological solutions that use natural bacteria, fish and plants to purify pools, ponds and lakes, and he played a pivotal role in designing the biological swimming pool at one of Alam Santi’s flagship projects, the Taman Petanu Eco Neighbourhood.

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