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Alam Santi’s services are tailored to you and your project’s needs. We will help ensure that your plans match your goals, project time frames and budgets. 

Access to our network of professionals will deliver the expertise needed to see your project through to success while saving time, money and stress.

Our services can be delivered in-person at our demonstration site, at your project site and / or remotely with conference call technology. 

We can answer any questions you may have about sustainability strategies, design, development, legalities, marketing, or how to access and make the best use of cost-saving, effective local resources.

how it works


Alam Santi is ready to support your impact project needs. Your project's dedicated support team will work in a way that ensures you the most cost and time efficient way to meet your project's goals.

Here’s an overview of how we work with our client

  • Free preliminary consultation hour for first time clients
    We offer 1-hour of free consultation so that we can get a better sense of your project and vision and determine how we may be able to support you in achieving that vision and answer and answer any questions you may have about our offerings and how we work. These first discussions can be held in person at our office in Bali or over
  • Selecting your package - for time based consulting
    If at the conclusion of our first discussion you feel that Alam Santi is a good match for your needs then we would welcome you to select one of our Alam Santi consulting packages, which provide flexible options designed to suit the needs of different types of projects and clients. Once your package is selected, invoiced, and paid for, you can start making use of on-call assistance from the Alam Santi team to deliver the outcomes needed for seeing your project through to success.
  • Eco-tech tours at our demo site
    At our demonstration site in Bali we can take you on what we call our eco-tech tour, which is a great opportunity to directly interact with and experience the range of sustainability solutions that we have here at our office including: passive tropical design & construction materials and passive cooling systems; rainwater harvesting; filters for potable water on tap; water saving showers and toilets; cost-effective solar lighting systems and more.
  • How our time based consulting services work
    Our team’s services are billed on a time-based format, with work undertaken recorded in a cloud based timesheet that you can review at any time. Our senior consultants are billed at 100% rate and, and we also encourage use of our junior consultants - who are billed at 50% rate - as a cost saving option where the project's requirement is a match.
  • Travel costs
    Any activities, events or sessions conducted outside of our demonstration site incur costs related to travel time (50% of the applicable consulting rate). For any travel beyond the Gianyar, Bali area, land, boat or flight travel costs, as well as accommodation and meals for the travel period are payable by the client. Once approved, these costs can be recorded on your Project's timesheet.
  • Billing
    Payment of invoices is due prior to the commencement of work. Once hours included on a consulting package are close to being used up, you will be notified and asked if you wish to establish continued services with Alam Santi. If so, an invoice for the following package will be sent to you for processing, after which services will resume.
  • Additional accredited services
    When accredited sub contracted specialists such as architects, engineers, legal firms, public notaries, tax consultants etc. are needed this will involve establishing separate contracts that will be based on proposals from service providers / specialists. The Alam Santi team will support you in ensuring you receive the highest standard of services, and the best possible contract rates with these types of specialists, and if you wish, our team can help you ascertain quotations for specialist work prior to committing to additional services.
  • Alam Santi Trainings
    Training events can be billed using stardard Alam Santi team consulting rates and or for events with a minimum of 15 participants you may choose to make payment per participant. Alam Santi trainings are in-depth, capacity building events. Our goal is to ensure that you and your team are fully empowered with the information, tools, and contacts you need to ensure your project is a true success. We offer a wide range of sustainability and impact project related topics, which can be cherry picked and adapted to suit your specific project needs.
  • Remote consulting & trainings
    Alam Santi's dynamic eco-know how trainings have been adapted to suit the modern times, and are now also offered on an online zoom based format. Our clear visuals, guided lesson plans, online group work allow for effective remote training. Feel free to discuss your project's needs with our team so we can determine the ideal activity set to support your needs through online consulting and trainign events.

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