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Alam Santi improves the success of impact-oriented enterprises and projects through advisory, training and consulting services, through strategic thinking with hands-on practicality. We and our clients want the highest impact from investments.


We help plan for, achieve and measure impact-based results.

WHAT WE DO  - Alam Santi - main


project design
WHAT WE DO - project desain - Alam Santi


Alam Santi advises its clients on project design whether from the inception of a project or once the project is underway to troubleshoot challenges that have surfaced. We work with individuals and organisations to improve the effectiveness of their development, programs, ventures, and investment strategies.

Our team provides insight and strategies that can transform approaches with complex challenges to achieve more impactful successes. We provide our clients with the strategies, tools and guidance they need to move forward to achieve maximum impacts, benefits and returns.

We support our clients in making conscious use of their budgets based on years of project experience in the region and practical research skills.

strategic planning 


We offer support for strategic planning. We work with you to create a roadmap to guide your enterprise or project from start to completion with the support of a strategic plan including:

  • External Evaluation. Market research, assessments, competitive analysis

  • Internal Evaluation. team empowerment and strategic planning support.

  • Compass. Developing or refining mission/purpose, values, and vision statements. 

  • Establishing project  priorities, goals and objectives.

  • We help determine and evaluate  impact priorities, and ensure projects are developed with cost and time efficiency in mind.

WHAT WE DO - strategic planning - Alam S
sustainability training


We help our clients work smarter and grow through training, mentoring and capacity development in a wide range of topics related to sustainable development and impact  project implementation.

The Alam Santi team's has many decades of experience in eco-development, social-enterprises, and consulting, which allows us to mentor and empower both new and well-established ventures.


Our aim is to have a deep impact on developing the huge potential of the impact space in Indonesia, which we serve.

project design


Alam Santi’s team includes senior media design and media production specialists who can deliver in-depth market research, high-impact branding, audio-visual documentation for projects and high-impact communications tools.

Our team's professional communication designs span print & digital marketing to high impact films and explainers. We can craft your story, including brand development, graphics, websites, pitch decks, reports and more, and our many campaigns and media projects deliver proven impacts in project awareness and success. 

  • In-depth market research

  • Multi-platforms media strategies

  • Eye-catching communications tools

  • High-impact branding

  • Pitch decks and pitch videos

  • Photo and video documentation

  • Digital and print media production

  • Stakeholder engagement solutions

  • Educational tools

WHAT WE DO - media for impact - Alam San
WHAT WE DO - eco developments - Alam San


Alam Santi’s eco-developments team has provided guidance, training, design and facilitation for a multitude of projects in Indonesia and beyond from bespoke eco homes  to eco neighborhoods and ecoregions.


We have experience starting with blank canvas sites or reconfiguring projects already underway. Our team ensures that your eco projects meet world-class standards for regenerative design.


Our due diligence, facilitation, and capacity building approach uncovers innovation, documents lessons from the ground up, and feeds strategies that truly help you produce measurable, resilient, and impactful developments.

  • Eco-Homes

  • Eco-Offices

  • Affordable Housing

  • Eco Resorts

  • Glamping solutions

  • Eco Communities

  • Eco-Life at Sea

  • Sustainable Tourism Strategies


We offer cost effective, cutting edge eco-product solutions for eco projects that deliver returns for you and the environment. Our eco-tech team can help evaluate which eco-solutions are suitable for your project and oversee quality control of the implementation.  Importantly, our eco-tech team delivers training and ongoing support to ensure that the technology is integrated with the care and necessary maintenance to ensure sustainability.


Our team has worked with clients of all sizes, providing innovative pilots to large, regional scale solutions. Alam Santi partners with ALAM Living and MySundaya to offer an extensive range of eco-tech products.

  • Passive Tropical Design

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Solid Waste Management

  • ​Low-Impact Materials Selection

  • Rainwater Harvesting

  • Water Efficiency 

  • Potable water filters

  • Wastewater Treatment

  • Biological or Saline Pools

WHAT WE DO - eco technology - Alam Santi


The Alam Santi team has decades of experience in evaluating technical needs, project legalities, and advising on best-practices and strategies that consider potential risk for projects in Indonesia.


Ventures and projects often have limited access to information that is meaningful to owners, donors and investors for business planning and operations. Alam Santi’s due diligence services offer a reliable means to reduce risks and increase results.

Our team has helped dozens of clients to navigate their project’s legal strategy and to meet regulatory requirements.


We partner with accredited legal and accounting firms that offer full legal support services.


Alam Santi’s team includes local community development specialists, Indonesian policy specialists, and well-seasoned communicators, negotiators and facilitators. Our professional Indonesian and international team members work side by side with our clients to ensure that that have full ownership and understanding of their project's cultural and logistical details each step of the way.


We help our clients to:

  • Understand legal documentation

  • Map out legally sound strategies

  • Communicate with local stakeholders

  • Negotiate agreements

  • Translate key documents

  • Ensure human centered design

  • Safeguard their investments

  • Freely communicate with stakeholders



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