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We offer 1-hour of free consultation so that we can get a better sense of your project and vision to better determine how we may be able to support you in achieving that vision and answer any questions you may have about our offerings and how we work.

These first discussions can be held in person at our office in Bali or over




up to 3 hours

We can meet with you or your team on zoom, at our office. or at your project site, where we will provide you with feedback on the fundamentals of your project’s planning and development, conduct a review of your project needs, or spend time answering any question you have about your project or team’s empowerment, bioclimatic design, eco-inclusions and strategies that are most appropriate to your location’s conditions and your development plans. 


up to 10 hours

This up to 10-hours consulting package is great if you need either specific or general advice on how to ensure that your plans match your impact aspirations. It is also a good option if you are looking to try out working with the Alam Santi team and check if our services are the right match for your project’s needs. This package can be used to evaluate the viability of a specific strategy or site or to establish a vision for a project and define the steps and strategies for getting a project up and running.

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CONSULTATION - complete consulting packa


up to 30 hours

For projects already underway, or where needs are clear and established, our clients generally take advantage of Alam Santi’s cost effective complete consulting packages, which provides you with a renewable package of 30 hours of on-call assistance across all of our team’s specialities and services. These packages give our clients access to any of our specialists and are well-proven to result in dramatic savings of time, money and stress.


choose from any of our standard packages

For these unprecedented times and for our clients that are not based in central Bali, Alam Santi offers remote/virtual consulting using Zoom conference call technology. This is a time and cost option for engaging Alam Santi experts to support you with questions you may have about your project's development over time, and reduce your project's carbon footprint and time navigating traffic.

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