Bali Asli : Products for Healthy Lifestyles

Alam Santi loves working with local companies which incorporate sustainable practice into their ventures. For Bali Asli it was also about perfecting the art of natural preserves and soap-making.

Today, Bali Asli is a common staple in many homes and businesses here in Bali. The company worked with Alam Santi to create their product packaging and marketing materials across more than 40 different products included in this company’s wonderful range of natural products. For Bali Asli it was about finding the right packaging solutions that matched their natural preserves and soaps.

A Little More About Bali Asli

Eating healthy foods is more important than ever now, as well as cleaning and personal hygiene using products that are safe for our environment and ourselves. Bali Asli has a wide range of 100% Natural jams, condiments & soaps available.

Alam Santi’s can work with you to create a unique packaging concept for any of the Bali Asli natural soaps and condiments.

Bali Asli is the key supporter of Yayasan MACK, a non-profit organization that is actively working to improve Bali’s environment through innovative educational and practical, community based environmental awareness programs. Learnabout MACK.

Another project supported by Bali Asli is the Sunrise School, which offers an international curriculum that utilizes local environments in ‘hands-on’ environmental care and repair projects. The school’s students help maintain the gardens and do study programs of various models of environmental projects. Learn about Sunrise School.

Purchasing products from Bali Asli helps to keep these projects alive.

Alam Santi Branding, Design and Marketing Services

Alam Santi was happy working with Bali Asli because of its initiative to create sustainable products for both homes and businesses in Bali.

For Alam Santi, working with socially and environmentally conscious companies to help them go to market successfully is at the core of our mission. If your impact oriented company or project is looking for a marketing and branding partner contact us to discuss your vision.

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