How to turn to nature and community in times of self isolation

Self care has been an important part of everyone’s life times of Covid. The important thing to be focusing on the ways we can feel connected and happy no matter the conditions. This can be achieved through reaching out to our friends and family, yet that is only the beginning, as we will explore some easy to achieve activities and focuses possible in this article.

Nature Based Activities

Nature is a haven many of us have forgotten to enjoy during the modern era we have all been living in recently. Though it may seem uneasy to stop living a modern life, going back to basics by enjoying nature is an important step to staying happy while work and friends may be not met for the time being.

Social distancing is to be where there are little to no people. Nature is your friend here, offering an escape to a beautiful landscape created with generations upon generations of growth.

Nature Walk

Start with a simple walk, you may find yourself connected to a new world which you have never been to since childhood. A sense of longing may be lifted from your spirit. This happens because we all came from nature and a short walk through your roots can fill you with wonder and awe at the impressive life which thrives in the grasslands, forests and rivers, just a few steps away from your homes.

Picnic In Nature

Starting to enjoy yourself? Pack a lunch and enjoy it in your favorite nature spot. Eating your food in nature will benefit your health as well. The fresh air will reduce stress and you will concentrate on mindful eating more, causing digestion to become easier

Nature is not a place to visit. It is a home. – Mary Davis

Activities At Home

Though nature may be an ideal escape for enjoying yourself during self isolation, it is also important to stay productive during this time. Watching tv shows all day at home may be entertaining for a while, but now is the time to get fit, learn more and prepare yourself to have new skills to use once a new job opportunity arises.

Let’s Start With Exercise

Exercise is not only a way to appreciate yourself. It will also promote a healthier immune system, making you at lower risk of complications after contracting viruses with respiratory components, Such as COVID-19.

The frontline of the fight against COVID-19 is us and our community, keeping a healthy lifestyle among your community lowers the chances of contracting the virus, as everyone will be maintaining a healthy immune system.

Follow this simple guide for basic home exercises to start off. You will notice the effects soon if you keep to a routine of exercise everyday. Remember to not push yourself though, as too much exercise too quickly is not ideal.

Learn A New Skill

With all this free time available to you, it is a great idea to start learning new skills. Have you ever wanted to learn how to program code? Learn how to speak French? Now is the time.

The world of online courses is suited for people of all ages to tune in, learn and grow. The diversity of classes and courses offered online are near endless and new students are always welcome.

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