Origin Forest Honey : Saving Forests one hive at a time

One of Alam Santi’s missions is to work with its clients to empower people with the tools, training and knowledge they need to establish sustainable livelihood solutions in their area.

One example of this is Alam Santi’s Media 4 Impact work for Origin Honey; over a 6 month period Alam Santi developed an in depth market and sales strategy, following this the branding, packaging and marketing plan for this unique product that is providing livelihoods for indigenous communities in Bukit Tigapuluh, Sumatra.

This project captured both international and domestic public opinion about quality Wild Forest Honey as a means for generating funds for conservation.

About This Honey

Origin Wild Forest Honey is sourced from the tropical rainforests of Sumatra and is locally referred to as Sialang Honey. It is produced by Apis dorsata bees, who make their nests in ‘Sialang Trees’ a common term used by local communities in Sumatra to describe forest trees with beehives on their branches.

Sialang Trees include the Kedundung, Balau, Kruing, Ara, Kempas Terap, Jelutung, Meranti Batu, species, amongst others. These trees are primarily in the dipterocarpaceae family - more than 500 species of which grow in the tropics.

Origin Wild Forest Honey is an amazing product that has a floral unique flavour due to the diverse rainforest environment in which the bees source their honey.

Why Alam Santi Loves This Product

Alam Santi’s team loves working with Media 4 Impact projects because we have a firm belief in ventures which focus on conservation of the environment.

Origin Forest Honey is about empowering indigenous rainforest communities to continue their age-old practices of honey curating while protecting the threatened forests that are their home. Origin Wild Forest Honey is sustainably hand-harvested by Orang Rimba and Talang Mamak indigenous honey collectors, deep in the heart of the Sumatran rainforests.

Origin purchases the wild forest honey from these indigenous communities at well above the usual market price. Not only improving the quality of life for the honey harvesters and their families, it also provides a substantial incentive for these traditional communities’ to protect the critically threatened forests where the honey bees and this rare resource originates from.

A Viable Solution

The results from 10 weeks of research on this subject demonstrated that strategic work on this subject shows that consumer demand for products directly linked with conservation is higher than ever.

The branding and associated marketing campaign developed by Alam Santi for this unique product has the double benefit of providing great livelihoods for indigenous communities, while increasing global awareness on rainforest conservation in the area.

If you are looking for a branding or marketing partner for your socially or environmentally friendly project look no further. Contact Alam Santi to get an idea of how we can work together.


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