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Alam Santi Delivers High Impact Online Campaigns

Well coordinated online campaigns is an important part of raising awareness and generating both innovation and behavioural change on important issues. The online world is becoming the forefront of media outreach and Alam Santi was one of the first organisations in Indonesia to use online platforms to spread awareness.

alam santi delivers adaptable online covid-19 educational infographics using local dialects

Alam Santi has been working to address issues through online platforms for decades, always finding new and improved media types for use in addressing different issues to a wide range of demographics.

Alam Santi Delivers The #AmanDariCovid19 Campaign

In early 2020, Alam Santi partnered with Kopernik to design and develop the #AmanDariCovid19 campaign, which teaches the in depth steps to self protection and safety.

The importance of a credible and effective online campaign is simple. Much of the information commonly spread online is unreliable, having a single media outlet that people can trust to provide reliable information is crucial to any key public education issues.

In the 4 months that the campaign has been running, Alam Santi has achieved 18,000 active followers, put out hundreds of engaging posts and adapted educational materials into several local dialects. The campaign has seen the installation of over a hundred public education billboards around Bali. Online engagements, dialogues and competitions have also been running successfully.

The #AmanDariCovid19 campaign is now one of the primary sources for trusted information on the important topic in the region.


Do you have a topic / project or program which is ready to get its message out to the common public of Indonesia in a reliable and effective way?

Alam Santi can offer you campaign consultancy, as well as high impact educational content, with years of expertise on media production, message profiling and media outreach so your message can reach far and wide. Contact us now.


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