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The Importance of Ecological Literacy

The Alam Santi founding team has been delivering practical programs for public education to communities across Indonesia for decades. Indonesia is home to some of the richest biodiversity in the world, while representing only 1.3% of land surface, and some of its 17,000 islands contain unique ecosystems with endemic species. It is a bright star in the earth's natural heritage.

Deforestation and pollution are becoming more and more pressing issues in this beautiful archipelago. The increased development of standard of living is not taking into account both the people’s needs and the preservation of this stunning environment.

Indonesia is subject to a range of natural disasters and man-made encroachments on its natural heritage. There is a critical need for effective environmental education resources to empower Indonesia’s youth in ecological literacy, to encourage understanding, awareness and practical problem-solving skills in addressing environmental challenges.

One of the tools developed by Alam Santi's co-founder, Petra Schneider, is a comprehensive teacher’s handbook that includes hundreds of hands-on and learning activities that make environmental education fun and accessible for primary school students.

Once a generation of children learn about environmental management at a community level and properly applies the information taught then real change can happen.

What makes us especially unique? What do we share with other species? How does the environment nurture and support us every day? How do we, as a community or village, take action that will have a more substantial environmental effect?

Alam Santi and Sustainability Education

Social and environmental education is at the forefront of Alam Santi’s work. We focus on providing practical solutions to these problems - the importance of preservation is now more crucial than ever.


Contact us if you are interested in incorporating our curriculum or media into your educational program or would like to develop one together.


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