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My Sundaya JouleBox Kits : Set Up Your Solar System in Just 2 Hours !

The innovative JouleBox kit is a unique, easy-to-install solar energy supply and appliance kit. This kit solves all your home lighting, fan and device charging needs with clean energy from the sun at a fraction of the cost of a standard solar energy systems.

Featuring a super high-quality lithium battery, solar panels, plug-and-play cables, highly efficient LED lights, a USB charging device, 12v charging ports and on / off switches.

With the JouleBox Complete Kits, energy efficient fans and an LED TV is included. You can even add a voltage adapter to charge your PC laptop directly from your JouleBox Kit.

Benefits of JouleBox Kits

  • An excellent choice as a backup power source in areas far from the electricity grid or areas prone to power outages.

  • A long-lasting lithium battery – the internal electronics design dramatically improves battery health and longevity.

  • High quality cables and lights included with the kit are appropriate for indoor and outdoor installations.

  • Unlike AC (standard) electricity, the low DC voltage used by JouleBoxes makes handling the kit and its components safe for everyone including children.

Simple Usability

  • Plug & play - it’s easy to add new components anytime you wish, without the need for an electrician!

  • Check the remaining battery time with just one click (5 flashes = 100% charged, 1 flash = 20% energy remaining).


  • Enjoy a 24” TV with access to up to 100 channels + HDMI / USB connection on your versatile 24” LED TV / external monitor

  • Cool small rooms or beds with the DC fan

  • Make use of 8 plug and play LED hanging lamps, suitable for indoor and / or outdoor

  • Charge handphones, smartphones, tablets and other devices through 2 USB ports

  • Fast-charge Sundaya JouleSticks.

My Sundaya’s rugged plug & play kits have been designed with remote communities in mind, but many people find My Sundaya kits to be a great match for their renewable energy supply needs.


If you are interested in specifications on how your site or project could implement solar energy or other sustainable systems contact us to book a consultation.


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