How do Eco-logical Developments Work? The Process Chart...

Eco-Logical Developments are on the cutting edge. Without a clear roadmap on the steps of planning, designing and implementing your project it can become a very confusing process once things are underway.

Alam Santi specializes in supporting people and projects in ensuring that their project is implemented in a logical, strategic flow saving you much time a and money as the process unfolds.

Watch this video presented by Petra one of the Alam Santi co-founders for an overview of what's involved in designing and implementing an eco-logical project.

Alam Santi welcomes opportunities to teach this material to local designers, contractors and project owners that are aiming to make an eco-logicial project design process as effective and efficient as possible.

The Alam Santi Eco-logic Design Infographic

The Infographic describes the complete process of undertaking eco-logical design and design coordination. Download the infographic in high resolution print ready format.

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Alam Santi's team has decades of combined experience in planning and implementing eco-logical developments. If your project or development is looking for a strategic partner to implement eco-logical design look no further. Contact us to book a training for you and your team.

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