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Visas for Living, Working and Operating a Business in Indonesia

The Problem

Visa situation in Indonesia can be confusing. It is a matter of clarifying your intention to be in Indonesia and what activities you would like to undertake which will determine the best visa for your circumstances.

Depending on your intended activities in Indonesia, one of the following will be applicable :

  • Free Visit Visa on Arrival

  • Single Visit Visa on Arrival : Social Cultural Visa

  • Single Visit Visa on Arrival : Single Entry Business Visa

  • Multiple Visa : Multiple Entry Business Visa

  • Limited Stay Visa for Foreign Investment: Investor Visa / Itas (313 & 314)

  • Limited Stay Visa for Working : Working Visa / Kitas (311 & 312)

  • Limited Stay Visa for Retirement : Retirement Kitas

  • Limited Stay Visa for Spouses of Indonesian Citizens: Spouse Kitas

  • Limited Stay Visa for Spouses of Kitas Holders: Dependant Kitas

  • Permanent Stay Visa : Kitap (Kartu Izin Tinggal Tetap)

  • Transit Visa

  • Cruise Ship Workers

  • Education & Training Visa

  • Volunteer Visa

  • Student Visa

  • Volunteer Visa

  • Professional Visa (e.g. for artists)

The Solution?

Do it right from the start. Our consultants are ready to help you navigate and understand the visa applicable to your circumstances. We partner with notable lawyers and notaries to bring you efficient (and correct) visa services.

How Alam Santi Can Help

This matter generally comes hand-in-hand with a venture in Indonesia so we can approach the matter in a holistic manner or instead focus only a few hours on understanding your needs, confirming the relevant visa type and obtaining all paperwork and relevant fees required to process your visa.


Can We Help You?

If you would like to understand more about the visa options available for you, contact us to arrange a consultation.


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