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Take My Sundaya Camping : Portable Off Grid Lights & Charging

Using solar energy while camping offers an eco-friendly and easy to use solution to all your energy needs during your outdoor adventure. Who doesn’t want a few modern conveniences to use while enjoying the great outdoors ?

Your comfort and convenience will be improved when solar energy is brought to camp. Cameras can be fully charged at all times and your lighting will never be a problem.

Benefits of Using Solar Energy While Camping

Solar is the easiest form of energy to use that is clean, natural, renewable, and best of all completely free once you have your solar kit. It will allow you to travel to completely remote areas without leaving behind essential items such as camping lights, mobile phones and more. Moreover, abandoning a traditional generator for a solar kit will provide you with a quiet peace during camping, avoiding the loud hum a generator makes.

Camping is an activity mostly done by nature lovers, so what better way to love your planet than to create an impact free camping experience with solar energy?

Which MySundaya Solar Kit is Right for Your Camping Experience?

This depends on how many appliances you will need to charge. MySundaya offers many high quality solar kits all equipped to be used in the great outdoors


Most should opt for the portable JouleKit, which features a portable solar panel and a torch which can also be used as a hanging lamp, table lamp and device charger. This kit is both robust and versatile, and being splashproof makes the kit ready to be used indoors and outdoors. The JouLite comes with integrated USB, micro USB and 3.5mm Nokia connectors that you can use for charging electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, speakers, small cameras, power banks, and lamp batteries.

The JouLite is a very bright portable solar light, operating at up to 150 lumens !

Ulitium Lighting Kit

When there is a need for more lights in your camping setup have a look at this user-friendly kit, a long lasting plug & play indoor / outdoor solar lighting system. The super bright 240 lumen hanging lights feature easily accessible pull cords that also function as dimmer switches.

It comes in these 4 variations : Single Lamp, 2 Lamp, 3 Lamp and 4 Lamp Kits; all compatible with optional daylight charging attachment.

T-Lite Lighting Kit

The T-Lite Lighting Kit is a user-friendly, long-lasting plug & play indoor/outdoor solar lighting system. It features bright 180 Lumen lamps, which can be used as hanging lamps, flashlights and tabletop lamps. Each T-Lite has a built in dimmer switch for maximum energy efficiency.

It comes in these 4 variations : Single Lamp, 2 Lamp, 3 Lamp and 4 Lamp Kits; all compatible with optional daylight charging attachment.

Order Your Solar Camping Kits today.

Visit the My Sundaya website to see the options or contact Alam Santi for advice on what kits may be best for your needs.


My Sundaya’s rugged plug & play kits have been designed with remote communities in mind, but many people find My Sundaya kits to be a great match for camping needs as well.

If you are interested in specifications on how your camping site or project could implement solar energy or other sustainable systems contact us to book a consultation.


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