Enhance Your Site with Feng Shui

Any project can integrate simple feng shui principles into the interior design to build an atmosphere that brings many benefits to the people living or working in the space.

Feng Shui is an ancient art & science that looks at how we are affected by our environment. In its simplest form, Feng Shui helps us to understand how Chi (life energy) and Sa Chi (the opposite of Chi), are generated, and move around our spaces and affect our well-being.

Alam Santi’s Feng Shui Course Or Consulting Service

Alam Santi offers a course that can teach you how to enhance energetic qualities you aim for in your space and reduce potential unhealthy influences. All of these practical solutions can have enormous benefits.

Alam Santi’s Feng Shui services are great for:

  • Business & Homeowners

  • Architects

  • Interior Designers

  • Developers

  • General Managers

  • Team Leaders

No matter which of the above sites you are stewarding, Feng Shui is an essential part of the integration of your design. With this ancient art you can make the most of your space.

Key Benefits

  • Increase your and your project's sense of well-being & productivity

  • Increase your and your team’s productivity

  • Team awareness on the fundamental principles of Feng Shui

  • Understand color recommendations for key areas on your site

  • How to select colors that match both your Feng Shui goals and your design plans

  • How to make simple 'Feng Shui Remedies' at your site

  • Know how to plan, design & implement a variety of Feng Shui strategies

  • How Chi & Sa Chi move through spaces

  • Room-by-room Feng Shui spatial arrangement recommendations

  • Design strategies to facilitate a healthy flow of Chi

  • How to use the 'Bagua' to map any space for Feng Shui planning

Feng Shui is an essential aspect to learn to transform your project into more than just a space, but also into a place attracting the right energies.

What are you waiting for? Learn how to enhance your site with Feng Shui with Alam Santi today!


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