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Eco-Logical Wastewater Treatment : How Does it Work ?

One of the most important aspects of an eco-development is proper management of your wastewater.

Common practice in Indonesia is to use septic tanks with no floors. This leeches wastewater into everyone’s water source, and without proper treatment these water sources become contaminated, which is one of the root causes of e-coli related diseases that causes serious health challenges nationwide. Some coastal facilities dispose of their wastewater directly into the ocean which has serious impacts on coral reefs.

The risks of these methods have a very high impact on the local population, visitors and the environment. It is critical that everyone disposes of their wastewater properly.

Creating your own eco-logical wastewater treatment on site

Alam Santi offers training on building your own wastewater treatment, helping your team develop, design and implement solutions to manage wastewater in an eco-friendly way.

During an interview on solid waste management, Alam Santi co-founder, Petra Schneider, had this to say :

Wastewater : A Solutiono manage wastewater on site ?

Two-part answer. First the principle of eco-logical wastewater management is to return as much nutrients as possible back to the ecosystem while ensuring your system is not going to cause any risk of spreading diseases. Wastewater is super rich in nutrients which is food for various types of plants, but can also be a breeding ground for things such as mosquitoes and other things which can spread diseases.

There is no cookie cutter solution that will provide the best option on all types of sites.

Selecting the best wastewater treatment for a site involves considering a few factors, such as the type of soil on your site, whether there are freshwater shortages on your site, whether it is important for you to grow plants with your wastewater and your available budget.

What are the benefits of wastewater gardens?

They allow you to put valuable nutrients from human waste products (i.e human discharge), back into the ecosystem as plant food. They also provide a great way of reusing wastewater for landscape irrigation in a safe way.

Wastewater: A Solution

Water contamination is an ongoing issue which will not be solved with traditional methods. Alam Santi has installed eco-logical wastewater treatment solutions on a multitude of projects and is always keen to help people manage their wastewater correctly.


Proper management of your wastewater is a crucial step to advancing your sustainable development project to the next level. Contact us to discuss your wastewater treatment needs.


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