Due Diligence for Your Eco-Development Venture

The Problem

So you’ve made the decision to follow your dreams and start an eco development venture in Indonesia. Welcome to the wild side :) It is easy to get excited by the conceptual ideas around what your plot can be developed into, however due diligence is a crucial step before embarking on the design and development journey.

This is particularly so in light of the unique history of Indonesia and the resulting intertwined laws and regulations around property ownership, corporate, tax, immigration and foreign investment considerations.

The Solution

You’ve entered a time in Indonesia that is in a positive progression of improving the multitude of laws and regulations that are at many parts in conflict. While there is alot to understand, it doesn’t have to be a daunting experience when you are supported by professionals who are experienced in the sustainable development industry.

How Alam Santi can help

We have a team of consultants and professional partners that we work with to provide you with a holistic service to support and co-ordinate the due diligence process for you. It saves you time and money plus gives you peace of mind that your legal framework is secure and protective of your investment in Indonesia.

Can we help you?

We tend to come across the following characteristics that suit this package:

  1. New to Indonesia and still searching for a perfect site

  2. Familiar with Indonesia and already have a site ready to develop

  3. Old timer in Indonesia, possibly already have developments and moving site or expanding or diversifying

If any of the above sound like you, chances are we are the perfect fit to give you peace of mind that your due diligence process is coordinated with professionalism.

Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

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