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Compost Chutes : A Game Changer !

Once you have designed your home to be environmentally friendly it is time to think about composting. Storing your organic waste in a bin next to your garbage can look displeasing and cause unwanted odours. This also makes it harder to separate waste as the bins are all placed next to each other.

With Alam Santi’s compost chute your organic waste is placed conveniently next to your sink in a practical and easy way without the hassle or worry of unwanted odours.

This is a great way to reinforce composting as your compost chute will be a reminder that your organic waste is not garbage. It is a valuable resource that can be used to make compost that will help your garden create a thriving ecosystem.

Implementing a Compost Chute in Your Eco-Home

Alam Santi has implemented our compost chute in multiple projects and fully supports this system as an integral part of any home’s composting system.

The sunken lid system pictured above is the main reason this system is the perfect solution for odourless organic waste storage. At the end of the day you can simply carry your compost chute to your compost cage and easily clean the 100% stainless steel.


Don’t let your compost sit in a Tupperware any longer. Order a compost chute as part of your design with Alam Santi now.


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