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Branding & Communications for Escavox : Fresh Food Traceability

Fresh food traceability is important to help both customers, retailers and farmers understand the performance of farm to shelf chains. This becomes especially important when you are a brand looking to reduce waste by receiving the freshest produce available.

Alam Santi saw that Escavox had a great value input for food industries looking to be more sustainable. Our team worked with Escavox to develop the media and marketing materials for their project.

About Escavox

Escavox looks to establish trust. Growers, retailers and other supply chain partners are able to manage their supply chain more effectively. Simply place your Escavox blue-box tracker into a carton once the product has been harvested or packed and the blue-box does the rest. As it travels through the chain, it captures time, temperature and location, creating a unique 'track' throughout its journey. This information is collected by a secure online data platform, then displayed on our online dashboard, which is easily accessible on your phone or computer and will enable you to make fast and informed decisions about the management of any product.

With Escavox your entire farm to shelf condition of your products is understood. This allows you to achieve the following :

  • Visibility of the supply chain - easy to see temperature and dwell time through the entire supply chain

  • The ability to identify and predict fresh food supply chain issues

  • Effectively deliver fresh quality product from farm to retail shelf every time

  • A reduction in produce quality rejections

  • Better understanding and addressing issues

  • Track the performance of all your suppliers /customers and the quality of supply chain they provide.


Alam Santi Branding & Design Services

Alam Santi was very happy working with Escavox, because we firmly believe that traceability in the fresh food supply chain is very important.

Alam Santi finds working with socially and environmentally conscious companies very enjoyable. If your company is looking for a marketing and branding partner contact us to discuss your project.


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