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Alam Santi offers a range of options for either consulting topics or training events.

Key topics are introduced below, click on any topic to learn more about what's included.


Eco Wastewater Treatment

Learn various techniques for safe and eco-logical wastewater treatment and how to you can save money while converting ‘human wastes’ into valuable resources on site.

Eco-logical Water Use

This course will teach you and your team how to design & implement a rainwater harvesting system, and simple strategies to dramatically reduce your site's water consumption over time.

Bio-logical Swimming Pool

This course introduces you and your team to the principles of a unique method that has developed by Air Matahari for a completely biological swimming pool system.


Eco-logical Construction

Learn about how to select and evaluate building & finishing materials that will reduce your environmental footprint, and how to develop a site that is universally accessible, healthy & long-lasting.

Eco-logical Energy Use

This course will teach you how to design & implement a range of energy saving strategies including passive cooling & lighting, solar energy systems, LED lights and energy efficent appliances. 

Integrating Basic Feng Shui

Learn the basic principles of Feng Shui integration to enhance your site and it's occupants' health and well-being. Learn techniques to manage Chi and Sa Chi at your site & specific design strategies. 

Eco-logical Site Mapping

Learn how to determine & document natural elements on your site and apply the data to your system's advantage working with rather than against nature throughout your project cycle.

Solid Waste Management

This course introduces you and your team to the principles of good solid waste stream management from separation through to composting and designing your solid waste systems.

Eco-logical Landscapes

Learn the principles of sustainable landscapes, flora that supports your environment, eco-logical fencing, pathways and stormwater management, eco-friendly landscape lighting & more.


Sustainable Tourism 

Learn the principles of sustainable tourism, how to asses how 'green' your project really is, and strategies you and your team can apply to increase your project's sustainability grading over time.

Project Management

Work with an Alam Santi specialist to learn the principles of user-friendly, accountable project management and contractor engagement throughout the project development cycle.

Project or Venture Strategy

Work with an Alam Santi facilitator to develop your project's strategic plans through applying a business model canvas to your ideas, and see how your venture focuses & flourishes.


Enhanced Decision Making

Learn the psychology behind decision making that dramatically affects our decision making outcomes. Once you & your team understand the principles you can deeply affect your team's impacts.

How to Commit to Success

Every truly great initiative is founded in a deep commitment to a clear vision. Alam Santi facilitators work with you and your team to understand why, and help you refine your project's vision for success.

Optimizing Your Team

Together with your team, optimize your team's performance by learning more about each other's passions and skills, and what makes each of you most (and least) effective day-by-day.

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