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Project or Venture Strategic Planning

Learn How to Make a Strategic Buisness Model Canvas
A Business Model Canvas is a great tool that can help you and your team to map out an existing your planned business or program model. It is a strategic management template for developing new, or documenting existing ventures. Work with seasoned Alam Santi facilitators to have a brainstorming session with your senior team members and map out your venture's goals, value propositions for your target audience, resources and financial needs for achieveing greater success with your venture. This process will help you and your team to fine tune your plans so that they are strategic as possible and provide you with a basic roadmap for developing your venture from here on in.
  • Both new and seasoned entrepeneurs
  • Senior program team members
  • Senior management venture members
  • Identify your venture's most strategic approach is by exploring and answering the following key questions:
    • Who your key partners could be and how to motivate them to join you
    • What are the priorities that your team should be focused on
    • Who is the most strategic audience for your venture's offerings
    • How you can most strategically fill your target audience's expectations
    • How to maintain long lasting relationships with your taget audience
    • What are the key resources you will need to achieve your goals
  • Build your senior team's sense of ownership and understanding of the key steps to be taken for your venture's success
  • Prepare a Buisness Model canvas that can be used as a baseline to either pitch your strategy to potential investors and partners and / or guide your strategic planning on an ongoing basis
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