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training packages

eco-tech trainings

Eco-logical Design & Development Solutions

To ensure your training plan meets your specific project needs Alam Santi's eco-tech trainings are offered as issue specific component trainings. We cover the key aspects of planning, establishing and maintaining sustainable, eco-friendly projects from wise water use to energy efficiency, sustainable tourism grading and waste management. Our seasoned trainers build your team up to effective eco-system implementers & managers.

management tools

Strategic Eco-Project Management

Empower yourself or your team by learning the key practices and tools for strategic venture planning and project management. Alam Santi's user-friendly tools and methodologies are grounded in the principles of accountable, safeguarded systems. In these trainings or facilitated team workshops we will help you and your team to define and map out your project's oversight to ensure success through time and cost-effectiveness.

team empowerment

Team Development & Empowerment

The real success of any venture comes from the hearts and minds of its inspired team. Alam Santi partners with world experts in team empowerment www.GoodStartups.com to develop and deliver trainings that are founded on the science of effective team development. From strategic decision making through identifying and optimizing your team's zones of brilliance, these trainings help your organization to maximize your team's success.

Alam Santi trainings are in-depth team capacity building events. Our goal is to ensure that you are your team are fully empowered with the information, tools and contacts you need to ensure your eco-project is a true success. We offer a wide range of training event topics, which can be adapted to suit your specific project needs, including:


  • eco-community and eco-resort planning

  • water management systems

  • energy efficiency solutions

  • sustainable landscapes design

  • basic fengshui overlay

  • solid waste management systems

  • team development

  • program and venture strategic planning

  • marketing tools and strategies

  • public & visitor educational media design

  • community outreach program development


Please note that for events or sessions outside of our office we charge for travel time, and where applicable, travel costs, accommodation and meals for the duration of the consultation or training period requested.