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Sustainable Tourism

Learn How to Get Sustainability Grading for a Tourism Project
Sustainable Tourism is tourism that makes positive impacts to the environment, society and economy where it operates. This may seem obvious and perhaps simple, but when you learn about how deeply tourism affects local cultures, people, natural resources and social equity, the truth can be very surprising. Learn what the time tested criteria of sustainable tourism grading are and how you can plan, design and develop your project in such a way that you will increase your site's sutainability grading more and more over time.
  • Eco-tourism Developers
  • Eco-tourism General Managers
  • NGO's working in tourism related livelihoods development
  • Small & Large Eco-tourism related Business
  • Architects
  • Landscape Designers
  • Policy Makers
  • Learn how to check your current sustainability grading

  • Learn how to increase your eco-grading over time

  • Team awareness on why sustainable tourism is so important

  • Know how to plan, design & develop a sustainable tourism destination, including internationally recognized:

    • Sustainable management criteria

    • Social, economic and cultural criteria

    • Environmental criteria, including:

      • Natural resource management & conservation

      • Pollution reduction

      • Biodiversity and landscapes considerations

  • Know more about some of the worlds most widely recognized sustainable tourism grading and certification agencies

  • Establish simple strategies to involve your site's visitors in sustainable tourism
Eco-logical Water Use
Eco-logical energy use
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