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Sundaya • Solar Energy Network Solution (SENS) Program

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A SENSible Alternative
1.2 billion people are without access to electricity, many of whom rely on kerosene, use of which is associated with serious environmental and health impacts due to air pollution.


Sundaya’s Solar Energy Network Solution (SENS) Program will work with renewable energy entrepreneurs, local and international NGOs, and forward-thinking community groups to establish self-sustaining, clean energy supply for off-grid communities.


The Sundaya SENS Program is an innovative social enterprise approach that combines entrepreneurship, technology and education to illuminate both the homes and the minds of energy poor communities around the world. SENS is a self-sustaining solar energy network system that is generally appropriate for 5,000 homes and above.

Sundaya envisions a future of energy where:

  • High-quality renewable energy is available to everyone at an accessible start-up cost

  • End user relationships are maintained and nurtured

  • Technology is maintained and upgraded in a professional, fast, and environmentally responsible manner, ensuring long product life with minimal waste

  • Communities have access to information and education about how energy works, and how our choices around energy provision and usage impact our world

  • Provision of high-quality solar energy products and services is financially sustainable or profitable for NGOs and local entrepreneurs

The SENS Products
SENS offers four options for complete household solar energy systems, including solar panels, lights, cables, and installation hardware.


The simplest, most affordable systems include just a few lights, and the most sophisticated have a television, fan, and many lights.


End users pay a low down payment and a flat monthly fee for use of the entire system.

Note: prices may vary by location and local partner program criteria.

Sundaya monitors the system remotely through the GSM satellite and other Internet of Things (IoT) networks, collecting data on usage, payments, battery health and maintenance needs.

The SENS Business Ecosystem

SENS has been developed based on more than 20 years of experience in delivering renewable energy solutions to remote communities worldwide.

Sundaya’s SENS program will make it easy for local partners to deliver high quality, sustainable, renewable energy programs to communities in their area - with SENS:

  • Partners own the equipment and lease it to communities, with revenue shared between Sundaya, Partners and (where applicable) Creditors

  • Sundaya capacity-builds Partners to introduce the systems to communities, to install systems, and to carry out ongoing customer communication and system maintenance

  • Sundaya monitors the system remotely through the GSM satellite network, collecting data on usage, payments, battery health and maintenance needs. Sundaya will inform a Partner when a system within their network needs repair.

At this time the SENS program is in the late stages of R&D. The primary hardware used in the system is the Sundaya JouleBox Kits, which have been successfully delivering reliable energy supply to remote communities for more than 10 years. The firmware technology and stakeholder education components are currently under detailed development.

Sundaya and Alam Santi are currently seeking core partners and / or investors for the final stages of technology and education program development and testing.


If you are interested in joining us to invest in the future of clean energy, or if you are an NGO, company, entrepreneur, or agency who is interested in bringing Sundaya SENS to your stakeholder communities, feel free to contact us for more information.

Interested in being a SENS Partner or Investing in SENS?