How to Apply Basic Feng Shui at Your Site

February 25, 2016

Feng Shui literally means “’Wind and Water’. Both an art and a science, it is a multi-disciplinary study which integrates philosophy, psychology, astronomy, astrology, geology, ecology, folk wisdom, architecture, interior design, and common sense. The underlying principle of Feng Shui is about how we can work with, and not against, the flows of Chi - the life force that energetically interconnects everything. Feng Shui considers and plans for, how every moment of every day, the energies moving through our environments are either supporting or draining us.


Feng Shui Design Consultations can be very helpful for anyone aiming to achieve energetically balanced environments. They provide you with practical guidance and solutions to addressing areas where the flow of Chi may be blocked, which, if implemented, generally result in more productive and harmonious living and / or working environments.


Feng Shui Design Consultations are useful for homes, businesses, offices, resorts and other areas, whether you are starting a project from scratch, relocating or making improvements to a property. A Feng Shui Consultation may also be advisable when your home or work environment doesn’t 'feel right’, you are going through a major life transition, or you are finding an aspects of your life or business to be troublesome.

The primary outputs of an Alam Santi Feng Shui Consultations include: 

  • Annotated site plans with your site's Feng Shui Sector analysis included

  • Recommendations on rooms and spatial arrangements

  • Specific design strategies to facilitate healthy Chi flow and to activate, or reduce, certain qualities of energy in your space

  • Kua Number readings for site residents and or primary users based on birth date information provided

  • Recommended colour and materials selections for areas based on analysis of the site, its users, and functional spaces

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