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Nazava : Super Affordable Drinking Water Filters

Water is the source of all life, but in the tropics most people have at some point doubted the quality of their water. Meanwhile, long term use of bottled water is costly and results in tons of single-use plastic waste.

Even if the water is obtained from a suitable source, it will not be readily accessible to the majority of households and is at risk of contamination during transport or storage.

Nazava has created an innovative drinking water filter that is highly effective and super affordable, which they currently sell and distribute. These filters are extremely appropriate for use throughout Indonesia, where people can often have limited access to suitable and clean drinking water.

A Replacement for Boiling Water

Worldwide, 1.6 billion people drink water that is contaminated with bacteria from feces (e-coli). To avoid contamination and make sure the water is drinkable, local homes often boil or buy water, which incurs hundreds of dollars of spending per month. Its significant energy and fuel use also leads to greenhouse gas emissions and causes indoor pollution, negatively affecting one's health.

With around 60%-80% of people boiling water in Indonesia, replacing this method with the Nazava filter will reduce energy or fuel use, and consequently greenhouse gas emissions.

Nazava: Specifications

Nazava filters are designed in the Netherlands and can produce 16L of safe drinking water per refill. All materials used to produce a Nazava filter are virgin and food-contact safe so there is no need to not worry about BPA.

The Nazava ceramic water filters purify your water in three simple steps:

  1. Dirt and bacteria are filtered out by the ceramic, because most bacteria and dirt particles cannot pass through the tiny pores in the ceramic membrane.

  2. The nano-silver particles in the pores or on the ceramic kills the bacteria and other microorganisms that get stuck in it, since the silver binds to the enzymes of the microorganisms, leaving them unable to grow and perish, eliminating them completely.

  3. Within the ceramic membrane there is granular activated carbon of the highest quality. This carbon improves the taste of your water by absorbing any chemicals that may be in your water.

Alam Santi’s Choice Tabletop Water Filter

Alam Santi highly recommends Nazava water filters as they are an easy-to-use and cost effective water filtration solution. They are great for use if:

  • you are looking for a simple drinking water filter in your home

  • you want to reduce your use of plastic

  • your CSR and community outreach activities want to make a huge impact on local communities and their health and wellbeing


To purchase your own Nazava water filter, please go directly to their website. If you are interested in working with Alam Santi to distribute Nazava filters to communities in need, contact Alam Santi.


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