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Learn How to Build and Maintain a 100% Chemical Free Bio-Logical Swimming Pool

Fresh water is precious, and an increasingly scarce resource. Chlorine and other chemicals used to treat swimming pools are usually toxic substances that are not only harmful to swimmers, but also build up and leach into our environment over time. A better alternative is possible, where you can have a 100% chemical-free swimming pool at your site.

Learn how to plan, design, and build a 100% chemical-free bio-logical swimming pool that will provide your site with an innovative alternative that is both healthy for your guest and showcases your project's eco-friendly commitment.

Bio-logical swimming pools are also very cost effective as they do not need expensive chemical inputs, and rely instead on the wisdom of nature, algae, beneficial bacteria, and fish for its maintenance !

BioPools are great for:

  • Health conscious homeowners

  • Eco-Tourism Developers

  • Eco-Tourism General Managers

  • Architects

  • Contractors

Key benefits of bio-logical swimming pools & Alam Santi consulting for Bio Pools:

  • Reduce water pollution

  • Health benefits for users

  • Increase your eco-grading

  • Team awareness on the principles of bio-logical swimming pool systems

  • Know how to plan, design & implement a bio-logical swimming pool

  • Key design considerations

  • Mechanical and plumbing system requirements

  • How to work with professional Bio-Logical Pool Designers

  • Installation techniques

  • Relevant subcontractors and suppliers

  • Learn simple strategies to properly maintain a Bio-Logical Swimming Pool

  • Strategies to educate your site's visitors in appropriate Bio-Logical Pool Use

If you are interested in learning more, contact Alam Santi to arrange a consultation.

Biopools are the innovation of Ng Kok Hong from AYER MATAHARI

Watch this fascinating film to hear more from Ng about his unique pool design:

Ng Kok Hong was born in Perak, Malaysia and married with three children. He graduated in both Diploma and Bachelor Degree in Fisheries and Marine Science from Universiti Pertanian Malaysia in1984. He was involved in commercial freshwater aquaculture especially in the production of the giant freshwater prawn for 10 years. During that period, he experimented and applied the bio-filtration system in ponds effectively.

He later became involved in recreational lake design and management along with garden ponds in the property and resorts industries in the South Asian region. His work in promoting healthy water garden management without the application of toxic chemicals has given him many opportunities to work with renowned architects. Ng emphasizes on education and sustainable design that enable him to involve further into landscaping, bio-pools and his recent promotion of domestic aquaculture with recycled organic wastes. His enthusiasm in art inspired him to design and procure original garden sculptures into his garden designs. He is 53 years old and a deaf who is based in Kuala Lumpur.

To book a consultation about building or taking care of a biological swimming pool contact Alam Santi.


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