How a 4-hour training can have a huge impact on your energy use

With Bali being one of the most touristic destinations in the world, more and more business owners are choosing to be proactive in their approach to energy efficiency and environmental awareness. The best thing about increasing your energy efficiency on site is that you are creating environmental awareness not only to your guests, but also to your staff.

Modern day tourists are always looking for destinations that have lower environmental impact. Creating energy efficient solutions for your site will allow you to create marketing strategies that will put your environmental ethic into use.

In Indonesia energy is mostly produced by coal. This contributes to many problems, including impacts on the climate, health impact for people living in the areas where it is produced, and the ever-increasing cost of electricity for users.

Alam Santi is one of the leading companies in Bali offering energy efficiency training for eco-friendly projects. Co-founder Petra Schneider had the following to say about Alam Santi’s 4 Hour Energy Efficiency Training:

Q: Have you implemented this staff training in a resort/hotel before?

A: Yes, we have. We have done training for hotel teams of up to 50 people at a time, and also helped several resorts integrate simple hybrid solar systems into their sites.

Q: What are some of the direct improvements you saw during/after these trainings?

A: Staff and management understanding of how important energy efficiency is from both a hotel economics and environmental standpoint really increased a lot. Also, the willingness of the staff to implement simple things such as turning off unused equipment and lights went up dramatically due to the training.

Alam Santi offers a 4 hour training on energy efficiency for hotels, homes and resort staff, which can have a tremendous impact on your site's energy efficiency.

Key benefits of Alam Santi’s energy efficiency training for your staff and team:

  • Team awareness on why energy efficiency is so important

  • Creation of checklists for energy efficiency in order for staff to more easily understand day to day problems related to energy consumption and effectively relate this information to team leaders:

  • Creating a staff energy efficiency Whatsapp group that works together with staff and management to improve daily use of energy

  • Build understanding for both management and staff of when electrical appliances, such as pool pumps, mini-bars, lights, air conditioners, etc should be one or off, especially in relation to whether or not a guest is using the premises.

  • How to involve your guests in your site’s environmental actions during their stay can increase the duration of their stay, as they will feel they are in a lodging that cares about the environment.

If your looking to have the benefits of your whole staff participating in energy saving at your venture, contact Alam Santi Now.



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