DIY Appropriate technology for Covid 19 response

Now is the time for innovation in response to Covid-19, what better way to solve a problem for yourself or your community than to do it yourself? Creating DIY solutions means information can be transferred and recreated by anyone anywhere wishing to do so.

Truly the correct, scalable approach to find solutions to Covid-19 related problems.

Indonesia: The Corona DIY Front Line

DIY is incredible in Indonesia. People are creative, practical and ready to get hands on when it comes to finding solutions to problems. Alam Santi is proud to partner with amazing local innovators to create open source best practice solutions for communities where people may not have the luxury of staying home.

Needing to go out to earn a living, to the market or to gather other resources means solutions for keeping one’s hands clean are crucial in public places.

The Foot-Controlled Hand Washing Station

A great example of local DIY technology is this foot-controlled hand washing station, fully equipped to dispense soap and water without needing to use your hands.

This guideline shows you the exact steps and materials needed to create a foot controlled hand washing station of your own. All it took was a bit of creative thinking, good engineering and some hands-on work to create this model. Alam Santi and its partners have created open source technical drawings to help others create more of this practical innovation, further aiding the fight on contamination in Indonesia.

Alam Santi: Innovators and Educators

Alam Santi is on the ground in Indonesia ready to implement innovations created by local communities in response to Covid-19.We share our designs and learnings in easy to follow formats so that others can access the information to keep their communities safe and healthy.

Innovation starts with individuals creating DIY solutions, as we have all spent enough time waiting for a one-stop solution to come. We are the solution and all it takes is a little creative thinking and hands-on work to help your community create something new.

If you would like to purchase one of these innovative Sani Stations contact Alam Santi here.

If you would like to support the work that Alam Santi and Kopernik are doing to distribute corona safety equipment and community education click here.


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