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Optimizing Your Team

Understand and Maximize Your Team's Zones of Brilliance
In today's face paced, and in some cases, competitive world, many organizations and team leaders find themselves struggling with the ill-effects of team burnout, discontent and overwhealm. 
This training will help you and your team learn how to hone your focus on activities that bring the greatest joy and capitalize on each team member’s strengths for your organization or project's success. This training and the activities included therein will guide your team into identifying, sharing, and stepping into their zones of genius.
Through this process, you will learn a lot about yourself and your team, and how to enhance each of your team members’ unique flow states. By doing so, you can optimize focus, and facilitate each individual, as well as your entire team, to attain their maximum creative expression and well-being.
  • Startup Ventures
  • Established Buisnesses
  • Non-profit organizations and groups
  • Project or program teams
  • Identify what activities are within your team members' zones of brilliance
  • Identify mismatches in focus that are impacting on your capacity & performance
  • Understand key, scientifically proven, benefits for organizations and individuals that are comited to operating within team member zones of billiance
  • Establish a comitment amongst your team members to shift any areas of incompetance or competance to excellence and genius
  • Understand strategies that can be used by you and your team members to cultiuvated optimal team performance on an ongoing basis
Enhanced Decision Making
How to Commit to Success
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