Like to have a home at an eco-neighborhood in Bali?

The Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood

Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood is based on a deep commitment to preserve  Bali’s environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability. WATCH A FILM ABOUT THE NEIGHBORHOOD HERE.


If you are looking for a unique place to settle and build a home on Bali, PT Alam Santi offers the opportunity to join integrated eco-neighborhood set on stunning 1.3 Hectare site just 15 minutes south of Ubud, in the Balinese village of Kemenuh. Click here to see the site plan and current available properties.



The neighborhood's includes 17 self contained private plots, supported by a range of common access facilities including: 

  • A community cafe with rainwater harvesting

  • Water and electricity conservation systems

  • Solid waste separation and recycling

  • Bio-logical wastewater treatment systems

  • Permaculture landscaping

  • A unique bio-logical swimming pool

  • A playground, BBQ & gathering area

  • Central amphitheater

  • Each of the private plots are set up with:

    • High speed internet fiber optic lines

    • Backup water supply as we do recommend homes to use rainwater harvesting

    • Please note that independant power supply lines were installed in 2015 but some of these lines have some issues. TPEN is working on resolving these issues as soon as possible.




The eco-homes at Taman Petanu are each unique. They are designed and developed by the plot owners according to each individual family's requierements, styles and needs. A basic green construction guideline has been established by the neighborhood and all members are supported in folling the guidance to establish their unique eco-homes. Alam Santi is available to assist you with your home's design and development plans as needed based on our standard consulting packages.




A warm and safe community environment for:

  • Raising families

  • Wholesome supported retirement

  • Demonstrating models for sustainable living

  • Implementing community empowerment 


A creative environment for exploring art including:

  • Open air theatre and living arts

  • Audiovisual media development

  • Creative arts and workshops


For details about joining the neighborhood feel free to download this FAQ.

For neighborhood information : 

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