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Sundaya • Remote & Relief

Worldwide, 1.2 billion people live without access to electricity - in Indonesia there are about 40 million. Lighting, phone charging, radio and television are generally considered to be the most immediate needs for off-grid communities. In emergency situations, access to plug & play solutions can make a huge difference in people's lives.

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Eco-logical Solutions for the 'Energy Poor'
Solutions for emergencies & post emergency needs

Sundaya SENS

Kerosene lamps are most commonly used for nighttime lighting in off-grid areas, but burning kerosene results in many serious hazards for both human and environmental health, including:

  • Releasing many harmful, carcinogenic pollutants into the air, which are linked to a variety of respiratory health issues

  • Risk of explosion, resulting in both fire hazards and severe burns

  • Air pollution in homes and surrounding areas

  • Releasing carbon dioxide & other substances that affect climate change

  • Burdening families financially : kerosene accounts for up to 25% of household budgets in some rural areas


Sundaya’s safe, reliable, solar energy solutions means no more need for kerosene, while providing many other benefits to remote communities:

  • Eliminating indoor use of kerosene is essential for respiratory health, especially for mothers and children

  • Outdoor night and / or dark area lighting increases safety for women, particularly in high risk areas

  • Indoor night lighting allows children more opportunities to learn and study

  • Splash-proof portable lighting allows fisherfolk to stay safe and comfortable on the water and on shore

  • Portable, splash-proof lighting allows night market traders to light their stalls safely, quietly, and inexpensively, increasing their livelihood opportunities

  • Product resale and phone charging businesses offer livelihood opportunities for local community entrepreneurs


Smoothly deliver your organisation’s mandate by incorporating long-lasting, practical, Plug & Play Sundaya Kits for high-impact, and affordable, solutions to ensuring the safety, connectivity and well-being of your beneficiary communities. Some examples include:

  • Super affordable Portable Solar Kits are ideal to provide lighting for children to study, for individual households, and for simple phone charging

  • All people, everywhere can now enjoy basic entertainment, cooling, lighting, and communications device charging, with the JouleBox 1000 & JouleBox 500 kits, which are ideal for a complete solution for homes, schools, outreach offices and community buildings

In emergencies, night time lighting and power for telecommunications are essential for logistics, well-being and safety. Supplied technology should be reliable, durable, and easy to install. Sundaya products deliver. on all counts, with truly Plug & Play systems that include all cables and installation components.


Designed for last mile communities, all our kits are packed securely and do not require literacy to install and operate. Our kits are also extremely durable, which means they provide both an affordable immediate solution as well as a sound long-term investment, as the kits can be easily transferred to emerging community areas once reconstruction or resettlement begins. They provide a community-driven, sound solution, for local energy supply needs for many years following emergencies. Here's some examples of how Sundaya kits can be deployed in emergency & post-emergency conditions:


  • Our smallest Portable Solar Kits provide 100% portable, individual solar-charged reading lamps, hanging lamps, flashlight and phone charging device to anyone for under $30 per unit

  • Splashproof, durable Solar Lighting Kits offer Plug & Play solutions for both indoor and outdoor lighting needs, as well as for tents, barracks, site offices, medical and logistics facilities, etc.

  • The Advanced Solar Kits provide reliable power for complete energy supply needs for most semi-permanent and permanent structures 


The modular design of our kits makes it easy to change and add components as needed. A Sundaya kit can be accessorized with specific components to supply pretty much all of the energy needs for a 5, 10, or 20-person tent.

Versatile, long-lasting Sundaya products also offers great solutions for recovery programs and / or programs that are building communities with reliable, high-quality, off-grid electricity from the start.

Contact us for on how we can work together to bring eco energy to your program for remote areas or disaster management.


Alam Santi provides consulting on the best solutions for project based, eco-logical community empowerment. With 20+ years of combined experience in community development, disaster mitigation, relief and recovery, our team can advise you on some great practices for local community outreach and education.

Click here to learn more about the Sundaya SENS (Solar Energy Network Solutions) program, which is developing innovating solutions for renewable energy business leaders, NGOs and local entrepreneurs to provide high-quality, long-lasting and self-sustaining solar energy network systems starting at 5,000 homes and above.