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Enhanced Decision Making

Learn How to Manage Stress for Enhanced Clarity & Success
Did you know that anxiety and stress are creativity killers that inhibit learning and growth, and accelerates aging? Understand more about why, and how anxiety and stress plays a key role in determining how effective you are as a team leader or member. Through this training, you and your team will learn how to identify key areas that are causing you stress, and how to reduce stress in a sustainable and practical ways. By learning the principles of how stress operates, we can mitigate stress from arrising, shifting ourselves and our team away from being run by this dibilitating factor.
In this training you and your team will learn about some of the scientifically proven impacts of stress, and practical techniques you can use to substantially reduce team stress, on an ongoing basis. By doing so, you can increase your team's performance, well being and achieving better outcomes on a regular basis.
  • Startup Ventures
  • Established Buisnesses
  • Non-profit organizations and groups
  • Project or program teams
  • Understand the difference between, and the dramatic impacts of, team work that is based in ambition vs. passion
  • Measure the general psychological wellbeing of your team at this time
  • Identify factors that are causing team members to feel stressed
  • Create a toolkit for your team to practice active anxiety management
  • Establish a comitment amongst your team members to actively manage anxiety
  • Practice and understand simple strategies that can be used by you and your team members to manage stress on an ongoing basis
How to Commit to Success
Optimizing Your Team
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