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Effective Project Management

Learn How to Manage Your Project in an Accountable Way
Project Management in the Development Sector is no small feat. Synchronizing stages of work with the interconnected matrix of your team members, project designers, suppliers and contractors, and in some cases also specialist advisors, is challenging for even the most experienced professionals. Over the years Alam Santi has developed and fine-tuned a set of key project management tools that we and our clients find brings substantial efficiencies to project development for both budget and time schedule management. These tools are effective for projects large and small and with this module we will teach you and your team how to use them to increase your project delivery success.
  • Developers
  • Project Managers
  • NGO's project managers
  • Home owners
  • Owners of other types of development projects
  • Understand each of the key stages of project development from start to finish

  • Learn how to use tools to map and track progress on your development

  • Reduce emails while increasing team communication

  • Know how to plan and maintain a successful development, including:

    • Legally sound, bilingual contracts for design services

    • Legally sound, bilingual contracts for construction services

    • Project management asset control, including:

      • Principles of project budgeting

      • Principles of project scheduling

      • Principles of transparent project accounting

      • File storage and management

      • Task management

Optimizing Your Team
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