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Eco-logical Wastewater Treatment

Learn How to Treat Your Wastewater Eco-Logically
Wastewater is any water that has been contaminated through contact human including cooking, cleaning, bathing, toilet use etc. In many places, including in Indonesia, many serious issues can be found related to the improper treatment of wastewater, Meanwhile, the nutrients that are contained in wastewater can, in many cases, provide nutrients needed for organic gardens and agriculture. Learn how to plan, design and build a variety of eco-logical wastewater treatment systems, an act simple strategies to dramatically reduce your water consumption, and ensure your site’s wastewater is treated to safe standards. These practical, cost-effective solutions have enormous environmental and health benefits, while providing you and your project with major eco-grading benefits over time.
  • Eco-Tourism Developers
  • Eco-Tourism General Managers
  • NGO's working in WATSAN
  • Business & Homeowners
  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Increase your eco-grading
  • Team awareness on why proper wastewater treatment is so important

  • Know how to plan, design & implement a variety of eco-logical wastewater treatment systems

    • Critical environmental & health considerations

    • Mechanical and plumbing system requirements

    • Installation techniques

    • Relevant subcontractors and suppliers

  • Know the baseline data required to size your wastewater treatment systems

  • Learn simple strategies to eliminate the need for septic pumping

  • Use filters to convert greywater & kitchen water into healthy fertilizers

  • Simple strategies to increase your site visitor's water awareness
Eco-logical Water Use
Sustainable Tourism Grading
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