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Eco-logical Site Mapping

Learn How to Harness Nature's Resources on Your Site
Natural Elements are forces in our environment such as sun, wind, breezes, rain, light, topography, water flows etc. that can have either beneficial or detrimental effects on your site and your development requirements. When we understand and see these natural elements at resources, they can be harnessed to enhance a site's sustainability, while dramatically reducing the need for expensive environmental management engineering. Learn how to assess, map and plan to optimize the use of your site's natural elements for the most environmentally sound and cost effective approach to your project's master planning.
  • Eco-Tourism Developers
  • NGO's working in community development / environmental planning
  • Business & Homeowners
  • Architects
  • Landscape designers
  • Contractors
  • Increase your eco-grading

  • Team awareness on how use of Natural Elements can increase design efficiency

  • Know how to research, map and document your site's Natural Elements for:

    • Key master planning considerations

    • Linkages to passive design strategies

    • Harnessing nature for environmental engineering

    • Protecting your site from natural hazards such as flooding, erosion etc.

    • Creating briefs for relevant subcontractors and suppliers

  • Know the baseline data required to create your Natural Elements map

  • Learn simple strategies to collect the data on the ground

  • Use basic mapping techniques to create your site's Natural Elements map

  • Establish simple strategies to involve your site's visitors in water conservation
Eco-logical Landscape
Eco-logical Constructions
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