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Eco-logical Energy Use

Learn How to Save Money by Reducing Your Energy Demand
The fossil fuels and coal used in conventional energy production have dramatic impacts on the environment, including a direct relationship to climate change. Most of the energy used in Indonesia comes from coal-fired power plants, which are depleting the earth's critical carbon resources, while generating high levels of toxic pollution. Learn how to plan, design and build more passive buildings, and implement other strategies that can dramatically reduce your site's energy demand. All of these practical solutions have enormous environmental benefits, while providing you and your project with major financial benefits over time.
  • Eco-Tourism Developers
  • Eco-Tourism General Managers
  • NGO's working in WATSAN
  • Business & Homeowners
  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Increase your eco-grading

  • Team awareness on why energy efficiency is so important

  • Know how to plan, design & implement a variety of passive design strategies

    • Passive site planning & architecture

    • Passive cooling strategies

    • Passive lighting strategies

    • Climate controlling construction materials & techniques

  • Learn more about lighting techniques & specs for using LED lights

  • How to calculate your site's energy demand (do a basic energy audit)

  • How to source energy efficent appliances

  • Simple strategies to involve your site's visitors in energy conservation
Eco-logical site mapping
Sustainable tourism grading
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