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Eco-logical Construction

Learn How to Build or Renovate Based on Eco Principles
Understanding the principles of eco-construction can sometimes feel like an overwhelming process. Through this training Alam Santi will help you to understand the key priciples behind eco-construction in the tropics, and how you can easily access the materials and skills needed to develop your dream eco-project. From selecting and specifying your building materials and finishes, to developing your site in a way that it meets world best-practice standards for eco-logically sound construction. 
  • Eco-Tourism Developers
  • Eco-Tourism General Managers
  • NGO's working in WATSAN
  • Business & Homeowners
  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Increase your eco-grading

  • Team awareness on the principles & practices of eco-construction

  • Know how to select, specify & use eco-logical building materials

    • Architectural and civil construction options

    • Finishing materials options

    • Long-lasting, climate controlling, low impact materials

    • Installation considerations

    • Relevant subcontractors and suppliers

  • Learn how to use a simple tool to grade any potential construction or finishing material for performance over time as well as eco-friendliness

  • Learn design and implementation strategies to enhance your site's sustainability grading by incorporating vernacular design and local artisans into your project plans

Sustainable Tourism Grading
Eco-logical Energy Use
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