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eco-logical design

a systematic approach to design that works with nature

Introduction to Eco-logical Design
by Alam Santi Founder Petra Schneider
The following video gives an overview of what's involved in designing and implementing an eco-logical project.
Presented by Alam Santi Founder Petra Schneider, who has decades of experience working on eco-logical developments in the region.
Petra welcomes opportunities to teach this material to local designers, contractors and project owners that are aiming to make an eco-logicial project design process as effective and efficient as possible.
The Alam Santi Eco_logic Design Infographic
The Infographic shown on the left describes the complete process of undertaking eco-logical design and design coordination. Feel free to download the infographic by clicking on the image and / or the PDF icon.
For further details on Alam Santi consulting or to book an eco-logical design training for you and your team, please
contact us