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 eco & cultural tours and classes in Kemenuh

Alam Santi's team has put together these great options for exploring the local culture and environment.

These tours and classes are great for individual explorers, couples & families.

Each of the activities usually takes about 3 hours, but durations can be adjusted to suit your plans.

Cost is only US$10, per person per hour no matter what tour or activity you choose.

Petanu River Trek

Looking for an amazing adventure in one of Bali’s most sacred rivers? Join us for an unforgettable experience exploring, and if you wish and weather permits, swimming in the Petanu River, which is where the Balinese tradition of Galungan & Kuningan began.

Balinese Offerings Class

Ever wondered how the beautiful offerings you see all around Bali are made? Join our wonderful Dayu, who is a Balinese priest’s daughter and has been making offerings all her life to learn the art & meaning of some of these incredible artistic spiritual expressions.

Local Agri-Tour

Interested in learning more about the behind the scene in the life of Balinese farmers? Join us for this wonderful opportunity to visit & learn about a local farming cooperative and visit an agritourism site that showcases a variety of indigenous Balinese productive plants.


Goa Gadja Culture Tour

Interested in visiting one of Bali’s sacred ancient temples? Join us for an exhilarating e-bike ride to one of Bali’s most sacred temples. With many levels and fascinating structures to explore, Goa Gajah is one of the most intriguing, and most visited, temples on Bali.

Tegenungan Waterfall Trek

Love waterfalls? Well then this trek is definitely for you! Join us for a fabulous e-bike or scooter ride through our traditional Balinese landscape before being delighted by one of Bali’s most stunning waterfalls just 15 short minutes away from Taman Petanu.

Mask Museum Tour

If you are a lover of the arts this tour is definitely for you! Join us for an e-bike or scooter ride through our traditional Balinese village of Kemenuh and meet some renowned craftspeople whose families have been developing the fine art of woodcarving for generations.