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project branding & marketing

Eco-Project Branding

Alam Santi consultants include world-class designers, who have helped many of Indonesia's top eco-brands to define their logos, corporate imaging and brand to stand out and clearly deliver the company's mission. Our designers will be happy to work with you and your team to bring your eco-vision to life through high-impact brand development. 


logo & brand design


Eco-Project Marketing Strategy & Tools

Work with Alam Santi senior marketing and business development specialists to define your project's strategic marketing plan and will set your project out from the crowd. Our team offers support from developing targeted marketing strategies through to high impact marketing tools such as advertorials, content marketing, advertisments, websites, and any other marketing tools that will clearly deliver your vision to your target adience, 

up to 10 hours


Customized Eco-Awareness Signage

Alam Santi's stunning eco-awareness signage can help you to ensure your customers understand and participate in your project's eco-vision. Our eco-signage can be customized to match your unique brand and showcase your mission, helping your visitors to understand your project's eco-strategies and ethics. Showcasing your water and energy saving strategies, organic gardens, rainwater harvesting, waste recycling systems and more.

per custom design

Alam Santi eco marketing & branding services can be customized to suit your project needs. We offer in-depth consulting, media and marketing design, including:

  • logo & brand development

  • marketing strategy consulting

  • CSR & community outreach program design

  • marketing tools development

    • presentations

    • pitch decks

    • corporate image

    • web contents

    • social media

    • product & packaging

  • eco-awareness signage

    • waste separation signage

    • water efficiency signage

    • energy efficiency signage

    • eco-tech infographics

    • other signage as requested


Please note that for consulting sessions outside of our office we charge for travel time, and where applicable, travel costs, accommodation and meals for the duration of the consultation or training period requested.