land zoning

To be able to build on land it must be zoned appropriately. Be careful before you buy or invest and consult with a reputable Public Notary who can crosscheck the certificate with the Tata Ruang Zoning Map before considering buying a property. Any given land’s zoning status will be listed on land’s certificate.

There are in all, 20 different types of zones defined for land in Indonesia.

Following are the classifications that are generally relevant to private property development:
  • Tanah Pertanian agricultural zone, further subdivided as (a) Greenbelt - a strict no-build zone (b) Lahan Basah – a wetland agricultural zone
  • Yellow Zone – agricultural zone that can sometimes be converted for residential use
  • Teba - Forest land, usually has no restrictions for conversion to residential use, unless it is situated in any of the following areas: close to holy areas, temples, certain rivers or beaches, or high risk locations such as cliffs
  • The Yellow Zone or Kawasan Perumahan – is the residential zone
Special note about Ijin Prinsip

In some cases ‘Ijin Prinsip’ building permits have been issued for projects that are considered to be of some beneficial value for the community. This is generally speaking not for private residences or houses, however Ijin Prinsip has been granted for commercial villas. This comes with fees, and you have to have a registered company, and pay commercial taxes on the property.

How to check your land’s zoning status

The Tata Ruang map is what governs if certificates can be changed or not. It can be accessed through the local zoning authority (Dinas Cipta Karya), which is also the office that issues building permits ‘Ijin Mendirikan Bangunan’ (IMB). This process is generally handled by your selected Public Notary’s office.

To change the classification of a certificate you need to check the status on the ‘Tata Ruang’, which is the government zoning map issued and updated every few years by the Bali Provincial and Indonesian Government. At the Cipta Karya office they mainly look at the Tata Ruang zoning map before issuing a building permit. If your certificate says 'residential' but the Tata Ruang Zoning map says greenbelt or green wetlands zone (agricultural) you will not get a building permit.

This image is an example of a Tata Ruang Map for the islands of Java and Bali click on the map for a larger view

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